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5 min readJul 7, 2021


You must have heard of Robin Hood.

He robbed the rich, helped the poor, fought the ruthless aristocrats, and became a common name. Legend has it, by virtue of wit and bravery, he gathered a group of brave and loyal Sherwood Forest heroes around him.

The legendary Robin Hood

Today, we have a modern version of the Robin Hood story for you.

The scene is not the forest. The main character is not one person. The weapon is not bow and arrows, and this is no longer a hand-to-hand combat.

The modern Robin Hood story is about a group of young people who use cutting-edge digital technologies of the Internet to fight the so-called elites that control most resources.

The Background

Christopher is a 37-year-old husband. He is one of the many who fell off the edge of the middle class into the poor during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Since 2015, Christopher had worked as an IT tutor in a computer science college in Pennsylvania. This job supported his whole family. However, in March 2020, the State of Pennsylvania issued a policy requiring all non-life-sustaining businesses to close physical locations. This affected Christopher’s computer science college, too. The school fired about a hundred of its employees, Christopher included.

Normally, Christopher’s salary was $42,000. This is considered the lower end of the middle class in the US. After losing the job, he is under constant stress. Besides him, his wife and daughter relied on his salary. He also needs to pay mortgage, car loans, bills, and insurances.

Because of the global pandemic, Christopher became one of the thousands of people who are no longer the middle class. In the States and in Europe, this has become a regular thing. The only group that not only remained unaffected by the pandemic but even increased the wealth is the elites at the top of the society’s resource pyramid.

Data says, in three pandemic months from March 18 to June 17, 2020, the richest people became richer. The unimaginable wealth of people in the super rich list like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, etc. saw a huge leap in 2020. Net worth of Mark Zuckerberg alone increased by $15B.

These misfortunes and social wealth changes made the life of Christopher and thousands of people bitter.

The Awakening

In early 2021, Christopher and his fellows came across another thing. American retail investors of GameStop (NYSE: GME) fought Wall Street and this led to a short squeeze.

The community never thought ordinary people could actually fight predators with capital and even force Wall Street to play dirty and take the victory that should belong to the people.

Look up the GameStop Short Squeeze on the Internet for details.

The people who joined this battle created an apocalypse. Wall Street has the capital advantage, but they are not invincible. They have great fear of the unity of ordinary people.

At first glance, it may seem that retail investors failed and were destroyed by Wall Street. However, when you look deeper, you can see that people uncovered a magic weapon against the wealth of Wall Street.

“Sure, on a centralized battlefield, we cannot win. But when it is decentralized, we can start a revolution.” Christopher holds.

With this idea in mind, Christopher and his fellows who were a part of the GameStop Short Squeeze created a team and began research on launching campaigns with cryptocurrency. This research ended up with creation of AppleB. Right now, the AppleB Community has spread across the Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

The Birth

As AppleB is a post-pandemic cryptocurrency, its mission is to give new hope to people and deliver them from the black haze of the pandemic.

Unlike the previous cryptocurrencies, AppleB has its spirit of making the world better in its gene. It emerged from the social injustice experiences of the young people who started the project.

They come from different industries. Still, they realized the cruel reality of this world: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. A global pandemic can destroy those struggling at the bottom of the society. The same story happens with them and around them time and time again. There is not enough resources. People wait for any bit of help and fight for life. They have also seen countless tragic examples when the underprivileged are pushed to trade their health for money. The pattern is, only when your personal wealth grows, can you have the right to choose health.

Why can the rich take unlimited wealth and resources from the poor, but the poor suffer first in the face of a global crisis? Why has health become a luxury for the poor? Are the rich destined to have more survival rights?

Although this group of like-minded young people are scattered across the world, they unite with the idea of saving the world and helping the poor. They are the new Robin Hoods. They stand by the idea that people should unite in an invisible yet powerful global community to help each other for common well-being and a better life, to slow down the wealth increase for the elites, and to strive for creation of a bigger and more pro-active power that controls the huge social wealth.

This community will be full of love and support. In addition to profits for its holders, the project will be actively investing its proceeds in charity projects around the world. By utilizing the trait of cryptocurrency, it is expected to benefit a wider coverage and maximize the power of help.

About the Logo

AppleB Logo

Several community members who are design professionals came up with the logo idea.

Green is the color of Robin Hood. It stands for the Sherwood Forest heroes in our community. It is also the color of life and health. We advocate healthy living and wealth.

The Eye of Providence hidden in the green is “the eye of God” that watches over the powerful. We do respect the legal sources of wealth. However, due to the unfair distribution of wealth in the society, we believe that the so-called elites and the powerful violently seize the best resources of the society. God is the witness. We are the witnesses.

Next, we used the design with an apple because we admire Steve Jobs. With our cryptocurrency, we hope to help the poor and bring positive changes to the world just like Jobs did with Apple. This is our aspiration.

And yes, the apple has teeth. It means we are reborn after the GameStop Short Squeeze. Our community has a real weapon. Our community is a real weapon. We are no longer weak. We have united and started a massive attack on the elites!




AppleB is the first token issued by our community on Binance Smart Chain and allows users to hold Billions or even Trillions of them