Priyanka Goswami: AppleB Made My Tokyo Olympics Dream Come True

4 min readAug 3, 2021

Interview with the Indian Sportsperson Priyanka Goswami:

“ Thanks to AppleB, I Am at #Tokyo2020 ”

She is a sportsperson that has already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. However, her road to Tokyo could have been impossible.

Priyanka Goswami (born 10 March 1996) is an Indian athlete who competes in the 20 kilometres race walk.[1][2] The earlier national record in the womens U-20 at 49:16.51 which was set in 2004 by Priyanka Goswami of West Bengal.[3] Priyanka Goswami represented India in the Tokyo Olympics

She is Priyanka Goswami from India. She has been attracted to running since high school but couldn’t afford track shoes. She wanted to ask for money from her parents countless times but couldn’t take the courage.

Still, hard work is always rewarded. Thanks to her talent, intelligence, and hard studies, Priyanka went to college. She majored in Railway Engineering and got a job with a stable income with Indian Railways.

Priyanka loves track and field and trains hard. She participated in the Open Indian Championship and shattered the national record in race walk. After selection to the national Olympic team for Tokyo, Priyanka has become the pride for her whole family. She has trained very hard to perform in front of the whole world.

However, right now, Priyanka is the only bread winner in her family. Her income is stable, yet merely enough to support her entire family. To help her family, she could have given up on race walk…
Support from the society was her last hope, so she turned to AppleB, a cryptocurrency community.
See the interview with Priyanka below.

Q: Hi, Priyanka! Why have you been so committed to going to the Olympics? Is it hard for you to participate?

A: Let me tell you. For sportspersons, going to the Olympics is a lifelong dream. The Olympic medals are not just glory but the reason I love running so much. I want to go to the Olympics no matter what.

I’ve earned my Olympic qualification but find it hard to balance training and work due to financial pressure. Sometimes, I have to choose training over work. Right now, I’m the only financial supporter for my family. Besides that, training equipment and venues are costly for me.

Right now, I don’t have enough honors to have the sponsor support like Messrs. Bolt or Gebrselassie. In my country, there are just dozens of top sportsperson; and the road for them is very smooth. For us, ordinary Olympians, the story is different.

Q: How does your life look like right now? How is your training?

A: I work for a railway company in India. I have been keen on running since childhood. I broke the national record for women’s walk race at the Open Indian Championship. I do know that prime time is very short for a sportsperson. Missing one moment can cost you a lifetime.

So I clearly understand what these Olympics mean to me. I haven’t raised enough funds and only train at a very simple rented place. But I will keep on training because I have high hopes for the future.

Besides daily training, sometimes I take a part-time job and wash other people’s clothes for additional income. I’m afraid I won’t make ends meet without it, because I need money for food and rent.

The Covid pandemic is very bad in India right now. Many sportspersons have turned to the government for support. I ran out of all my savings because of the pandemic.

Q: How did you know about AppleB? How did it occur to you to ask them for help?

A: It was a coincidence. One of my neighbors told me about AppleB. Previously, I hadn’t heard about other cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin. I didn’t know what it is and how it is used.

I never imagined that I’d ask for help from something I don’t understand. That’s the magic of this world, isn’t it? When I needed support most, it came from a faraway and unknown power.

My neighbor knew I want to go to the Olympics and have financial difficulties. She told me a lot about AppleB. It was then that I joined the AppleB community and understood cryptocurrency for the first time.

I was so moved. I didn’t know such a community can exist. They fight for the wealth and well-being of the poor. Some community members say that AppleB is the modern version of Robin Hood. It made me curious and gave me hope that I could go to Tokyo.

I am willing to take all the possible means to participate in the Olympics.

Q: The Tokyo Olympics are about to start; and you will be competing. What would you like to say to the AppleB Community and others who helped you raise the funds?

A: I’m so thankful to the AppleB Community. Now I’m its member, too. I train harder to repay the community with the best results and try my best in letting more people know about AppleB to help thousands of people like me overcome hardships.

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